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    I suggest that you read both your Sun sign and your Rising sign (Ascendant).

    The month of August is also Eclipse season this year and we have two eclipses: a partial Lunar eclipse at 15°25’ Aquarius on the 7th affecting those with planets/angles between 14-16° on the Leo/Aquarius axis

    and a total Solar eclipse at 28°53’ Leo affecting those with planets/angles between 27-30° in the Fixed signs of Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius.

    Under each sign I have written the houses which will be involved in the eclipses with a couple of keywords for each.

    Aries 21/03-20/04

    Early month some of you seem to be taking much more responsibility for relationships (working and none). Your ambition is high and finances also seem to be involved in any decisions you might be taking. Strangely (for you) you seem to have an overly romantic vision of life at the moment which could be good if wanting your own way and the ensuing power struggles don’t become part of the game, just lean back and enjoy. Fun, in fact, is your main concern in the latter part of the month and you could become quite dedicated to it. However, don’t push your physical limits too hard in the aim to turn ideals into reality.

    Lunar Eclipse 11th house – My friends, hopes and wishes

    Solar Eclipse 5th house – My fun, children, talents

    Taurus 21/04-20/05

    Maybe you’re not particularly happy about how things are going in your life early month but don’t allow stress to induce you into temptation, especially if food is part of your pampering routine! Social life and short trips are favoured as the month progresses, fun is assured, but again, don’t exaggerate, especially where spending money is concerned! There could be some criticism coming from a member of the family too, take note and act accordingly. You are actually surrounded by more affection and love than you realize even though irritability seems to have the upper-hand late month, just plan ahead and plod on since the outcome looks good.

    Lunar Eclipse 10th house – My mission, public status, mother

    Solar Eclipse 4th house – My home, my roots, my story, father

    Gemini 21/05-20/06

    It’s fun to play and joke but are you doing this at someone else’s expense? Especially early month you also seem to be very overly optimistic about your financial/earning capacities, however, towards mid-month, these could actually transform themselves into a goldmine nonetheless! In the latter part of the month you seem to have the staying power (yes, you!) to take advantage of the many opportunities that come your way and some of these could involve a new partnership (romantic or business-wise, depends on you), it’s certainly a hectic and exciting time. Don’t push yourself physically too far, steady progress and constance is what you need now!

    Lunar Eclipse 9th house – My beliefs, long journeys

    Solar Eclipse 3rd house – My thoughts, siblings, communications

    Cancer 21/06-22/07

    Perhaps, early month, some of you are planning to move in with your partner taking the relationship to a completely new level, others may be concerned only with their own well-being. All of you however will be feeling extra romantic and more than eager to fantasize about love and tenderness. All this is great of course if you’re in a relationship but for those singles out there there’s still a lot of fun and enjoyment to be had all the same. So don’t let binging and arrogance spoil the moment. Mid-month is great for boosting your self-worth as many sectors of your life suddenly “fall into place” and you are finally able to turn ideas into reality as the month closes.

    Lunar Eclipse 8th house – My secrets, my partner’s money

    Solar Eclipse 2nd house – My possessions and values

    Leo 23/07-23/08

    Early month you’re getting the right support for any major changes you’re wanting to make to your daily routine, be this regarding health or work. You may also be considering (or dreaming about) receiving or asking for some money during this time, this financial support could be forthcoming but not without a struggle so don’t let your pride and arrogance get in the way of being convincing (if you are doing the asking)! From mid-month onwards you have the stamina and the good fortune to get a huge amount of work done as your ideals morph unexpectedly and fun and self-fulfilment become serious as the month closes!

    Lunar Eclipse 7th house – My partner, the other

    Solar Eclipse 1st house - Myself

    Virgo 24/08-22/09

    Investing in a love affair or wanting to be more responsible for relationships (including child-care) seems to be at the forefront for you as the month begins and there’s a lot of compassion in what you’re doing too. It really seems like your wildest hopes are about to become true for many of you as events unfold in a natural and easy-flowing manner. Just a little tension may pop up mid-month but it’s only a reality check to keep things going in the right direction. It’s also a time when you can also push your physical limits without getting too mentally wrapped up in the consequences and just enjoy life. The outcome looks great whatever your plans are!

    Lunar Eclipse 6th house – Routine and ritual, my well-being

    Solar Eclipse 12th house - Where I isolate myself, my refuge

    Libra 23/09-22/10

    As the month opens some of you will be considering major renovations in the home, others may be intent on changing their opinion of themselves whilst others may feel a desire to move away from home. Either way, a huge change has been put into motion that will concern your everyday routine and probably your public status too (career/relationships). Money seems to be a pivotal issue mid-month, don’t allow enthusiasm to turn into overspending even though exciting opportunities seem to roll in on their own and especially, don’t allow yourself to think that the grass is always greener elsewhere. Wear yourself out physically by all means as the month closes but keep yourself anchored to reality please.

    Lunar Eclipse 5th house - My fun, children, talents

    Solar Eclipse 11th house - My friends, hopes and wishes

    Scorpio 23/10-22/11

    Your communication skills turn “inwards” at the start of the month and it’s difficult to explain yourself or even put your thoughts in order although emotions, as usual, are running high. Your head may also be full of plans for the oncoming holiday period. Mid-month there may be some differences of opinion about money-matters or squabbles in love for those in a two-some, perhaps finances are the cause of the argument and some control may be necessary. A dream may come true in the latter part of the month, something or someone you desire may suddenly appear and this could change your life-style in a big way! Wish and dream…but try to keep it real.

    Lunar Eclipse 4th house - My home, my roots, my story, father

    Solar Eclipse 10th house - My mission, public status, mother

    Sagittarius 23/11-21/12

    It really seems that your dreams are finally coming true as the month opens and that a complete revolution of your self-esteem is definitely now underway! This may also be the green light to invest in a new home for some of you, be wary however about being too optimistic regarding your financial possibilities and overspending! Mid-month onwards is great for travelling but the more diligent may still be involved in studying for some project or other. As the month closes optimism and good fortune triumph so try your luck at least with the lottery and remember not to overtax yourself physically as you turn your ideals into something more concrete!

    Lunar Eclipse 3rd house - My thoughts, siblings, communications

    Solar Eclipse 9th house - My beliefs, long journeys

    Capricorn 22/12-20/01

    Early month it seems like everything is lining up perfectly for great success, contracts of all kinds (of the sentimental nature for the less work-oriented) will have a dream-like feeling and you’ll be on the receiving end of the best deals ever! The lucky phase continues well into mid-month when you’ll have the energy and stamina to conclude important agreements. Be careful however not to ignore family needs during this time because some surprises may arise in this area and upset the apple cart, steady and sure (your motto really) as you proceed towards increasing fortune and success.

    Lunar Eclipse 2nd house - My possessions and values

    Solar Eclipse 8th house - My secrets, my partner’s money

    Aquarius 21/01-19/02

    Confronting your ideals with your worst fears whilst trying to radically change your outlook is the hardest part as the month begins but you’ll probably find some solace in helping others during this period and this gratifies you at a deeper level. Mid-month you could get into a bit of a frazzle because the urge to help is great but it resonates with you on a personal level only if you learn something new about yourself whilst doing it. Soul-searching aside, the latter part of the month promises great opportunities in any social or contractual dealings, there may even be some sudden event in your daily routine that kicks this off. Push forward but keep your eyes open!

    Lunar Eclipse 1st house - Myself

    Solar Eclipse 7th house - My partner, the other

    Pisces 20/02-20/03

    Early month is a great time for agreements and contracts regarding any loans, more so if these involve long-term goals you’ve been going after for a while and never had the courage to take up. Towards mid-month there may be a romantic intrigue for some of you, arising from out of the blue, when you’re probably least expecting it since your mind is elsewhere. Just enjoy the excitement without going on a fantasy trip about the outcome, however intense the feelings may be. The end of the month is taken up by a serious career move or financial involvement, I imagine the reason for asking the loan at the start of the month!

    Lunar Eclipse 12th house - Where I isolate myself, my refuge

    Solar Eclipse 6th house – Routine and ritual, my well-being