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    I suggest that you read both your Sun sign and your Rising sign (Ascendant).

    Aries 21/03-20/04

    As the month sets off your mind may wander to some past event regarding a financial situation that hurt you in some way or remained impressed on your mind as “unfair”, just move on. Mid-month you feel the urge to make significant changes to your life and some of you may have reached that “make it or break it” stage. Don’t lose faith in your own ideas even if this means taking a blind turn and hoping for the best but do be prepared to defend your ideas or have them contrasted by your partner (business or sentimental) in some way. The big picture will become clearer as the month ends when new ideas and intuition run high.

    Taurus 21/04-20/05

    Early month perhaps some kind words and/or apologies are needed in a relationship and coming to terms with your own flaws could be a great help too, binging, however, will not help here. Mid-month you may feel unduly stifled by limited resources (maybe a loan that’s not coming through) and this will be nagging at the back of your mind or you may want to take greater responsibility for money you’ve borrowed or lent. It’s a great moment for your love life but don’t let your imagination run away with you, short cuts aren’t usually the best way to move forward. As the month closes you feel more on top of things as new ideas and thoughts come to light.

    Gemini 21/05-20/06

    A job well done early month certainly deserves praise and considerate words but we also need to come to terms with our responsibilities in any kind of relationship so patience is needed if our desires are to be fulfilled. Mid-month relationships are in fact under a much better light as your imagination takes off and you see love and romance everywhere, careful here! Financial questions may also come to the fore and could involve intense power struggles, so keep your mind on the ball lest sloppiness take over and lead you into trouble. As always, you bounce back and the end of the month sees you buzzing with new energy and thoughts!

    Cancer 21/06-22/07

    Fun, a lover, children...which (or how many) of these topics is consuming all your thoughts for the most part of this month? It could be that you need for apologise to someone which means accepting your own faults and flaws and even your own neediness or you may be enjoying life again after some ill health or it could be a fantastic fun time with loved ones and children that really boosts your mood. It’s certainly an invigorating time for you whatever the reason. In fact, during the last week you will really feel optimistic about the future and have lots of new notions about how to plan your life from now onwards!

    Leo 23/07-23/08

    You may be feeling a little “restrained” as the month sets off, a family member may think you’re doing too much partying or you may be reprimanding your children for the same reason, whatever the cause it may feel rather unsettling. Mid-month, home life certainly picks up for the better as you feel appreciated, loved and admired. However, power struggles concerning your daily routine may have made you lose faith in some of your previous ideas and your need to socialize. During the latter part of the month your generous nature comes back full force with intuition and good fortune setting the pace.

    Virgo 24/08-22/09

    As the month sets off, try using some gentle words to your partner and maybe take the blame for some of the problems or disagreements you might be having together. A lot of patience could be required to sort things out and untangle the knots however. Mid-month you’ll be socially sought after but don’t use this as another excuse for spinning a yarn to your “loved” ones, it really is time to come straight even if this means being verbally rather brutal. Towards the end of the month you’ll be able to see some light at the end of the tunnel and this could also help you understand the upheavals of the last few months.

    Libra 23/09-22/10

    Early month your self-esteem seems to be a little stifled and it could reflect on your general health. This is therefore the right time to be gentle with yourself whilst letting go of any grudges you might have towards others. Mid-month as you delve deeper into your inner self you’ll find that there is a lot of compassion and that you are loved despite this being difficult for you to believe this and thinking that the grass is always greener elsewhere. Being honest with yourself will fill you with the necessary optimism to see the road ahead and during the last week of the month you’ll have lots of new ideas on how to create and realise your future in a very unexpected way.

    Scorpio 23/10-22/11

    Early month it would be helpful (and kind) if you were able to express your ideas in a more considerate and friendly way since this would reap huge benefits in all your relationships. You may also be going through a financial squeeze due to some unexpected upsets in your work, however, you shouldn’t allow this to undermine your self-esteem in any way. Making some time for yourself and your interests around mid-month could stave off this niggling anxiety that seems to dominate the social scene too. Matters definitely pick up late month when financial setbacks dissolve and appreciation of your work is forthcoming once again.

    Sagittarius 23/11-21/12

    Early month there’s a certain unease that you can’t exactly put your finger on but your situation looks fine so don’t let this feeling bug you too much. Mid-month there’s a change of scenery that is long overdue so throw yourself into it head and foot! Also, don’t allow family matters to spoil this new energy and your plans and you’ll do just fine, especially since you’re going to feel very empowered as your wishes turn into reality and you get a real grip on your self-esteem again. The end of the month sees you perfectly in line with your future and there may be some great surprises in store for you too with a particularly exotic flavour for many!

    Capricorn 22/12-20/01

    Friends and groups seem to be your main focus for most of the month. It could be the right time to investigate just how you relate to other people, you aren’t seriously overbearing, or are you? If so, this is a great opportunity to adjust and make some changes (for the better). Mid-month sees you soul-searching for what you really need to realize your dreams, particularly in your career or job and you may need to adopt new power strategies, make sure these are legal however since short cuts will not be tolerated. By the end of the month you should feel completely renewed and ready for action.

    Aquarius 21/01-19/02

    Forcing your ideas down someone’s throat to make yourself feel important could have a backlash in self-esteem early month and maybe you’ll need to downsize your dreams and unruly thoughts in some way. Mid-month you get lucky again and the spotlight rightly shines down on you but don’t get on that bandwagon again and shoot out your ideas as though they were the only valid ones around because this could cause some real anxiety for you. As the month closes your public role takes on a rose-tinted hue as optimism and faith flood in, your ideas have the genius touch and progress speeds up as you expand on them.

    Pisces 20/02-20/03

    Early month you seem to be changing opinion on several ideas you previously held and an apology may be due to those you might have offended in the meantime. It’s also a great time to delve deep inside and make some realizations about what you want and where you’re going. Mid-month your career may also be under scrutiny perhaps it’s time to make a shift here too since your fantasy and imagination seem to have been running havoc lately and this could cause trouble in any joint resources you have. Life gets back on track as the month closes and your hands are once again firmly on the steering wheel of your life.