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    I suggest that you read both your Sun sign and your Rising sign (Ascendant).

    Aries 21/03-20/04

    Until mid-month it’s time to shine and have fun, breaking free from any restrictions that might still be holding you back. For some of you there may be misunderstandings with offspring others will have the intellectual stamina to plan ahead in any creative endeavours that might be in the making. Meanwhile for many others it could be a great time to count your blessings in love and get more involved in the fun department here. You can relax if you try. The latter part of the month may bring some mental confusion to your daily routine which could involve your job or diet/health regime. Deal promptly with any signs of tiredness and fatigue.

    Taurus 21/04-20/05

    During the first half of the month many of you will be involved in family matters, maybe some will spend a consistent amount on redecorating the home or others may be considering working from home or even setting up a home! From mid-month onwards your thoughts will be on enjoying yourself with friends but this could lead to overspending and/or confusion about the real condition of your finances, do some money-counting! You desire new freedom but breaking away from routine is difficult for Taureans, so, if you become slightly obsessed with having fun and hanging out in new groups choose carefully, some people could reveal themselves different from what they seem.

    Gemini 21/05-20/06

    Meeting up with new people or getting involved in group activities is a major theme during the first half of the month but don’t con yourself that everyone will share your point of view. You may have to defend your opinions at times but mental “warfare” is right down your street anyway! During the second half of the month, home-matters loom large. There may be some financial situations to resolve regarding an inheritance or a bank loan and the road ahead may seem a little confused at times. However, don’t give in to any pessimistic thoughts since a new breakthrough is already in sight. You just need to go with the flow and be cautious how you invest/spend your finances.

    Cancer 21/06-22/07

    Your finances and your job/career seem to be on your mind during the first half of the month. Perhaps a new contract that will guarantee you more earnings and this could be in a completely different sector than the one you’re in at the moment, or in a completely different location. Mid-month onwards you may be riddled with doubt, you need to organise your thoughts and get to the heart of the matter, taking care to read the small print on any contract before signing. Some of you could have worries about how any change in career might affect the family. The new offer may certainly enticing but get all the facts before committing even if the desire for change is strong.

    Leo 23/07-23/08

    It’s your time to rise and shine during the first half of the month and there may be a journey or some new interest too. Energy is really high and this could make you very competitive with a great eye for business deals. Mid-month the desire to do and be different could cost you more than you bargained for, watch those finances! And don’t follow ideas or plans that are unrealisable. The latter part of the month sees you dealing with financial matters, be careful about any transactions you make with others where money is concerned, you’re not on top of things mentally as the month closes.

    Virgo 24/08-22/09

    Still centre-stage until mid-month with mental and physical energy completely focussed on your goals which will include having lots of fun, maybe by travelling or following some new interests as well as meeting lots of new people. During the latter half of the month there could be some discussions with your partner, which of you is not telling the truth here? Getting to the heart of problems becomes paramount and needless to say, very stressful especially if you feel caged in and dream about being free whatever the cost. Feet on the ground and caution in all financial deals.

    Libra 23/09-22/10

    There could be a lot of social activity with friends during the first half of the month, maybe you’ve all found a new way of enjoying yourselves together. Others of you may be on the way to realizing their dreams in a partnership, and this may be a business deal rather than a romantic outcome. Either way, from mid-month onwards, you’ll be questioning yourself on the possible outcomes and since you find decisions difficult to take this could cause you to feel physically fatigued or just plain lazy. If you can keep your focus on the subject matter to hand then you’ll be well on your way to success as the months ends!

    Scorpio 23/10-22/11

    You’ll put a huge amount of time and energy into your work during the first half of the month (maybe because you’ve just got back from the holidays and need to catch up). It could be mentally taxing and you need to keep your eye on the financial part too. The second half of the month is more about social activity with friends, time to catch up on the latest here too and what’s better than chatting over a meal or a drink? Late month, some of you may be in for a surprise encounter of the romantic type…don’t let your dreams get in the way of reality…all things take time to be proven and especially so, REAL love.

    Sagittarius 23/11-21/12

    Some of you may be defending your ideas in a rather vigorous way during the first few days of this month and for a few of you this may mean in the courtroom too. You want to show yourself at your best and your smartest and you could get very competitive whilst doing so, don’t get on your high horse though, self-righteousness and/or preaching doesn’t usually pay off well. The latter part of the month is about keeping your mind on your goals (including your job) and this may prove tiring since some family members may not be exactly “on your side”. Keep focussed and don’t let ideals and fancy ideas take over from reality as the month ends and you’ll be fine.

    Capricorn 22/12-20/01

    Bank loans, inheritances and other financial topics are high on your list of priorities during the first couple of weeks. Some of you may be moving home and need a mortgage others will just have to sort out their monetary entanglements especially concerning any joint resources you have. The second half of the month you’ll have your mind on new goals, maybe of an academic or spiritual nature, or you may even be planning a journey. Whatever the idea it’s definitely worth investigating further and don’t forget to include the family in your plans if you want things to go smoothly or need a second opinion, which might not be a bad idea!

    Aquarius 21/01-19/02

    New encounters may on the agenda for those so inclined, there’s certainly a lot of activity and comings and goings on the social scene with friends new and old as the month begins. The already “spoken for” may want to set their relationship in stone in some way, perhaps by rendering it official and going public. During the second half of the month there may be some murky waters around finances, perhaps a loan hasn’t been granted or there seems to be less money available or more to pay out. All this of course could put a damper on some of your immediate goals, maybe it’s time to plan a new budget?

    Pisces 20/02-20/03

    As the month sets off you may find your work and daily routine to be a complete bore and you definitely crave change. In this way you could be pushed out of your comfort zone into the unknown and this for sure will make you irritable! It really is only another way of evaluating your self-esteem and although it may conjure up some anxiety just plod on and do it! In the second half of the month your relationships could also get new input, daydreams can come true as you know but you need to put your head there and get out of the contemplative state and follow your heart!