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    I suggest that you read both your Sun sign and your Rising sign (Ascendant).

    Aries 21/03-20/04

    Your public standing and your job seem to be main-themes for most during the first half of the month. For others it may be a new health or diet regime that you’re trying to get started. However, either way, money is also involved and this may become a problem if your plans cost more expensive than you expected. Too much worrying however could be detrimental since it will slow you down as you re-assess strategy after strategy. The second half of the month is much better, you’re more optimistic about the future and you can put your natural talents to use and make progress even if this does involve some emotional turmoil.

    Taurus 21/04-20/05

    A trip, some extra leisure time with loved ones or just generally enjoying yourself is a feature of early month. Some of you however may be asking for a mortgage or loan for a business project you have in mind and this could be quite a sobering time as you wait for the request to be processed. if this is the case, don’t allow any anxiety affect your health and just plan as if the money was already yours. Optimism, in fact, soars during the latter half of the month. You’ve got big plans for the future regarding your job and your daily routine so start to think out of the box even if does mean coming out of your comfort zone but pay attention and carefully read the small print too!

    Gemini 21/05-20/06

    The home front seems pivotal early month, you may want to renovate or decorate your living quarters and this needs money of course, so you might need to ask for a loan, or get and advance on your payslip, which may or may not be easily obtained. Meanwhile you could get into a mental frenzy trying to make suitable plans that don’t stretch the budget too tightly. You’re intellectually agile so I’m sure the right solution is a real possibility. The latter part of the month is about fun and the mood definitely soars, please don’t let optimism lead to sloppiness though, ideas need concrete bases if you want social approval otherwise you’re in for a roller-coaster!

    Cancer 21/06-22/07

    There’s a lot going on in the local scene for you as the month begins, some pleasurable outings with your loved one or some important communications coming your way on a more professional level. Or, you may be putting a lot of energy into changing your daily routine to fit your commitments, be these sentimental or career orientated. This causes you to feel more responsible for the outcomes and how they might impact your home life and around mid-month you might feel tired and a bit despondent. Later in the month home life cheers you up and you’re ready to fantasize about the future which of course must include harmony at home as one of your primary needs.

    Leo 23/07-23/08

    How you relate to money, how you judge yourself and what this has to do with your job, your health or your daily routine. These are all questions that pop into your head during the first half of the month. It’s almost as if you’re feeling guilty about simply enjoying yourself and following your own passions, is someone criticising your behaviour and does this irritate you in some way? All of the above may encourage you to think differently about how you’re conducting your daily life, are you holding yourself back in some way? Life takes a turn for the better after mid-month and optimism lifts you up, share your thoughts with others as you leave the emotional turmoil behind.

    Virgo 24/08-22/09

    Most of the month you’re feeling great and wanting to get down to business...whatever that might mean in your world. Some of you may be involved with children early month or busy pursuing some particular talent or whim, getting all the information you need as you make steady progress towards your goals. All this, of course, gives you inner satisfaction and self-esteem as you look to the future with optimism. Strangely, for you, towards the end of the month you may find yourself fantasizing especially about new social contacts and/or relationships that come your way, just keep enough rationality about these matters to know what is really going on!

    Libra 23/09-22/10

    Some tensions may be nagging at the back of your mind during the first ten days or so and perhaps you can’t just put your finger on what the problem is. You may need to modify the way you communicate with others, particularly siblings and work colleagues otherwise you could be in for a disappointment of some kind (could be financial or involve your self-esteem) and it could sting a lot. The second half of the month puts YOU at the forefront, you’re feeling good and quite optimistic, just keep your mind on the matter(s) at hand and you’ll soon find the necessary harmony to transform your life without having to obsess too much about the outcome.

    Scorpio 23/10-22/11

    As the month sets off you seem rather critical about your group of friends as well as the social scene, life may be quite hectic but not to your liking for some reason. Perhaps you’ve grown out of their way of thinking and it’s time for a radical change? These kind of thoughts may take up a lot of your time during the middle part of the month as you naturally tend to obsess anyway, be confident and make any changes you deem necessary to feel good and the very idea of doing just that is enough to make you feel better. Late month your natural magnetism is firmly back in place, life is turning out just as you imagined and it’s time to enjoy what it brings.

    Sagittarius 23/11-21/12

    Your career and social status are highlighted during the first half of this month it’s almost as those these matters go hand in hand with your self-esteem which set off the month in rather a low. Think about what you would really like to do or be and start moving towards these goals, if you rationalise too much you’ll lose the impetus which otherwise could be great and bring important new opportunities to you. Later in the month you’ll have greater concentration and feel more confident with a lot more optimism about what your plans really are although you could feel a little anxious about being let down. Keep calm, a total transformation (for the better) is in act!

    Capricorn 22/12-20/01

    You may find it easier to express your beliefs and opinions as the month sets off but don’t be disappointed if they don’t sound “right”. Who, better than you, understands that big changes usually take time and there’s a whole lot of new YOU still to come out! Work becomes the main theme in the latter half of the month (is it ever on the back burner for you?) but there could be some confusion in communications, so be careful about what you sign especially if something seems too good to be true. As the month comes to a close harmony at work needs to be fine-tuned to your personal ambition.

    Aquarius 21/01-19/02

    Asking for a loan from friends or a bank or wanting a partner to invest more money into your career/business could be the main theme of the earlier part of the month. Perhaps you need to get a grip of your real monetary needs and the use you will be making of this money before hearing that “No” which, of course, would be disappointing. Contrary-wise, if your plans are in good shape then this could be the start of some intense and steady progress for you, innovation is your life source. The latter part of the month is ideal for thinking ahead and not being enticed by plans that are unrealisable and far too futuristic. Get those finances grounded!

    Pisces 20/02-20/03

    You’re really trying your hardest to make things work with your partner even if this does mean a complete transformation of your hopes and dreams. More responsibility is needed in romantic matters and obsessing or being clingy just won’t help. Even if relationships do need an injection of new energy, it must be the of the positive kind that promotes growth in the couple. Mid-month onwards your thoughts shift to the matters that you and your partner materially have in common and here, optimism begins to creep in! You can be selfless and doting so get those talents into the open and you’ll soon find that harmony is in itself a great transformer of dreams into reality.